Confronting the dragon /
Confronting the dragon /
Call Number:JF CHE
Author:Cheverton, Mark
Title:Confronting the dragon /
Responsibility:Mark Cheverton
Publish City:New York :
Publisher:Sky Pony Press,
Publish Date:2014.
Physical Desc.:340 pages
Series:Gameknight999 ; no. 3.
Summary:The ghast king Malacoda and the terrible enderman Erebus have led their monster army to the server that houses the Source, with plans to destroy Minecraft and all the digital lives on its servers before escaping once and for all into the real world. Only Gameknight999, the User-that-is-not-a-user, and his small army of NPCs can stop them.
Subject : Topical:Minecraft (Game)
Subject : Topical:Courage
Subject : Topical:Cyberbullying